Return policy:

The consumer has the right to return the product within 7 working days after it is delivered to them or the person at the delivery address. It is required for the packaging and the content of the package not to be damaged, the product needs to be in a condition for resale. The return of the original cargo delivery slip, the sales bill and the second slip on the cargo are required in order to return the product. The amount paid for the product will be refunded to the credit card with which the customer has made the payment with. CB Tasarım A.Ş. or Flowerbox are not responsible for delays of refund caused by the bank. There is no return of products which cannot be returned cause of their nature; single use products, software and programs which are reproducible, products with expired dates or products that spoil quickly.

Faulty Products:

The product you purchase from out Site should be checked on delivery to see if it was damaged or not while the delivery person is present. If the product is damaged, you should not accept it and create a written report about it.
I want to return a product/products that are in Cargo. What should I do?
You can return the products within 7 working days after the delivery.
You need to check the packages which you suspect are damaged, in front of the delivery person. If there is damage on the product, you need to ask the delivery person to create a report about it and not accept the product. If you accept the product, it is a declaration that the product was intact and without damage while you received it.

General return conditions are as follows;

* Returns need to be made in the original packaging and cover.
* Products with spoilt packaging (ex: if a Cargo sticker or tape placed on the original packaging), that lost their marketability or in a state where it will not be purchased are not accepted for returns.
* The customer agrees to return the product in the state in which it was delivered to them and if used, are responsible for the compensation of the loss of trade value of the product.
* The original bill (every copy you have) and a visual where the fault is pointed out, needs to be sent to us.
* If the product you are returning is faulty, the delivery costs of the return will be paid for by us.

Return procedures

* The returned product is examined by the Return Department. If it is in the conditions mentioned above, then the return process starts. This process takes between 3 to 7 days.

* Following the return confirmation, after all the copies of the bills and the product is received by us, the payment amount will be refunded to your credit card within 4 working days.

* Control the contents of the package next to the delivery person. The product that is delivered after your control will be deemed a safe delivery.

Cancellation procedure

* You can cancel the delivery; by calling Flowerbox Customer Services at 0216 566 9293 or by sending an email to
Note: If the name on the bill of your order is for a company, it needs to be returned with the bill that has the company name on it. The return bill needs to be done without the delivery cost added to it. (Unit price + VAT)


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