How can i do the maintenance for the plants?

The specific maintanence guide will be included with your order. You can also access information on how to maintain your plants in the plants section.

 How long is the lifespan of the plant I purchased?

Our ranges are composed of durable interior plants. The average lifespan is around 2 to 3 years. But bear in mind, these plants are alive and will only remain with you as long as you apply the specified maintenance methods continuously.

Which certificate is used to assure the safety of Credit Card purchases?

Your credit card information are coded by RapidSSL. The information provided will be sent directly to the bank without restoring in any server or database. The credit card information is sent to the bank after being coded between 128 and 256 bits, in order to make it untracable.

 Which methods can I use for the payment?

Credit Card:
You may order your flower by your Visa or MasterCard. Your card informtion are secure with 128 bit SSL and the SET certificate of Garanti Bank. Your order will be processed immediately.
Bank transfer:
If you choose Bank transfer for your order, you can make a bank transfer to the bank account details provided to you. Once the funds are received, you will be notified via email. You order will be processed one working day after your payment is complete.
Note: While transfering money from a bank outside of Turkey, there may be extra charges and delays. Please speak to your bank about these charges before making the transfer.

 Will I be notified after the payment process is complete?

After your order is complete, you will be notified via the email address you have provided on the website.

 Is delivery price included in the order I have completed?

The total sum specified in the payment screen, includes delivery costs. No extra payment will be necessary for the delivery. The delivery costs are added to the price of the product and are determined by the location.

 Will I receive a different flower than the one I saw in the pictures?

The exact same product that you have seen on our website will be prepared. In case the exact product you have ordered can not be prepared due to seasonal or stock availability, a similar flower in the same price range or higher, may be used in accordance with the design and quantities ordered. In these situations, we notify our customes through email.

 Between which hours shall I expect my delivery?

The orders will be dispatched for delivery 24 hours after the payment is completed. The delivery is usually completed between 1pm and 5pm. If the order is placed after 4pm, it will be dispatched for delivery the next day and will take 2 working days for the delivery.

 If the order can not reach the Buyer, where will day be delivered to?

If a buyer can not be reached, their flowers will be delivered to their neighbour, apartment manager, the security personel in the complex, receptionists or colleagues if the delivery address is a workplace

 How can I track my orders status?

You may track your order by using the order number sent to your email after your order is complete via our website.

 Can I make changes on delivery address and date after my order is complete?

Unless your order is prepared and dispatched for delivery, you may reserve this right. Address change may be done before the product is sent for delivery and there is no extra charge for it.

 Will I receive my flower on the weekends?

We do deliveries everyday except for Sunday.

 If I cancel my order, how long will it take to receive my money back?

After the cancellation of your order, your money will be sent back to your account within 4 working days.

 If I make a payment accidentally what will happen?

In case you make a payment by accident, after you notify use, you will receive your refund within 4 working days.

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